Hello! I am a full-time illustrator and designer and I work in my home studio.

My style is fun, comical, whimsical, wild, and humorous..this blog is for my random sketches, wild ideas, and some illustration experiments.

When not on the drawing board, I enjoy reading, Pinoy food, and going outdoors.

say hello! toons@ecartoonman.com

13 thoughts on “About

  1. i really really love all our drawings. ang galing mo. wished i can draw as good as you. hope to see more of your works.


  2. Astig sir! apir! can you do me an illustration if possible, and how much will it cost me?hehhe if you are interested and you have a free time pls do email. tnns and more power!!


  3. Nice style and I dig the use and balance of textures in your work. I am also an illustrator and I am working on involving more texture in my digital artworks, more but not too much. All the best to you.


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