4 thoughts on “playing with caricatures

  1. hi. i am an admin of a certain fan page, if you’d allow us we will use your art work to be our display picture :)) sorry for using it without your consent (for a month now) maybe its not too late to have your approval i guess? 🙂 just to add some credit to your incredible artwork 🙂 more power and Godbless. thankyou for your talent :))


    this is the fanpage. 🙂 feel free to drop by!


  2. Reblogged this on Artaholica and commented:
    Lourd De veyra’s caricature by @ecartoonman

    Lourd’s one of the greatest poets, writers, musicians and journalists of this country. I love him and I one of my dreams is to be able to meet him one day, of even work with him. Kudos to Filipino artists, activists, writers, poets, musicians.


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